Living and working in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Why not?

Have you ever asked how it is to start a business in Helsinki?

Helsinki has known as the hi-tech hub of Europe and the capital of Finland – one of the most happiest country in the world.

But, how do people assess the index of happiness around the world?

Literally, the happiness index is being evaluated based on answers to the main life evaluation question asked in the Gallup World Poll surveys from 2018 to 2020. The rankings are based on a Cantril ladder survey (World Happiness Report). However, it is not something new that Finland is ranked as a top country in this ranking for several years in a row.

As one of the most happiness country in the world, Finland is doing well on promoting activities, especially in encouraging entrepreneurship culture. There are many events holding throughout the year to either supporting start-ups in business activities or equipping knowledge for entrepreneurs to growth business in Finland.

90 Day Finn programme is such of this event. During the program, 15 entrepreneurs, investors, corporate executives, event organisers, tech talents from all over the world to live and find opportunities in Helsinki (Helsinki Partners). The program is suitable for participants, who are interested in discovering their opportunities in Finland. As the information from last year, half of participants had decided to stay in Finland longer than 90 days.

By participating in this program, participants are not only discover their opportunities, taking part in the program, but also receiving tailored services based on their business needed. The program opens for all participants, especially who are working in fields of Information and Communication Technology, Health, Smart & Clean Technology, Meetings Industry. The program is free and participants will receive the support to prepare the documents to apply for a residence permit during their stays in Finland.

The deadline to apply for the program is 6 February. The participants should have LinkedIn profile to be able to process the application.

More information can be found in this link. If you are interested in this program but not sure if you are qualified enough to participate in the program, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can give you advices in order to support your application. You can book a free advisory session with us here.

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