Summer schools in Europe – an economical way for real experience

2021 was full of uncertainty. However, there are a lot of positive signs for a new normal life globally. Therefore, we would like to introduce some interesting summer schools in Europe, which will be organized online/offline this summer. This is another solution for students who would like to have a taste of European countries before deciding their destinations for studying abroad.

summer schools in Europe
Summer schools in European countries give you a taste of education here

Here are some summer schools in Europe that you may want to have a look:

  1. Summer School on EU Policy Making2022 Summer School theme: Analysing civil rights in today’s EU
  • The focus areacivil rights, touching on policy discussions related to human security, migration, anti-discrimination, diversity.
  • Intensive two-weeks on campus (04. – 15.07.2022): one week in Brussles, one week in Vienna.
  • The Summer School corresponds to 5 ECTS, and is part of Postgraduate Certificate in EU policy making program (25 ECTS).
  • Requirements: at least final year of Bachelor degree, good level of English.
  • Tuition fee: €1900 (does not include accomodation, daily breakfast in Vienna, evening meals in Brussels, flight to Brussels and from Vienna).  A full tuition fee waiver to one student (with a motivation letter and transcript of record).
  • Deadline: 01.05.2022. Early bird deadline: 15.03.2022 (10% discount on tuition fee/potential for fully tuition fee waiver).
  • Application form:
  • More information: Short flyer of program.

2. Undergraduate Summer Programme7-week-program provided by Brussels School of Governance, internship included

  • Topic: art & culture, business, communication & media, management, politics and international affairs.
  • Period: 30.05.2022 – 15.07.2022
  • Location: Brussles, Belgium.
  • Students have the choice to take this Summer Programme either with or without credits. You may register for a maximum of 2 courses (6 ECTS per course).
  • Students can choose an internship as one of your two selected courses with one of our selected internship partners!
  • Requirements:  A secondary school diploma is required. Admission is decided on a case-by-case basis. English certificate is mandatory for students who have studied for less than 3 years in a secondary school or less than 2 years in a university with English as the language of instruction (C1/C2 level is required).
  • Tuition fee: €1300 per course (6 ECTS).
  • Dealine: 20.05.2021.
  • Application link:
  • Course description: Summer 2022

3. Utrect Summer School – Summer courses for bachelor, master, PhD and Post-Academic level

  • Consists of 180 courses in Humanities, Art & Music, Language, Social Sciences, Business & Economics, Law, Science, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Engineering & Technology.
  • Location: Utrect, The Netherlands.
  • Period: Summer months (June, July, August).
  • Tuition fee: varies per course, students get discount. Some online courses are free.

4. Università di Pisa – An adventure in Italy

  • Consists of 30 different courses in Humanities, Society, Economics and Law, Health Sciences, Engineering, Agriculture and Veterinary, Maths and Sciences.
  • Location: Pisa, Italy.
  • Period: June – October.
  • Tuition fee: varies per course, starting from € 250.

Interested in summer schools in Europe but don’t find your dream countries in this post? Don’t hesistate to contact us via e-mail: Discover our service for students here.

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