Why Finnish businesses and universities are amongst the best partners?

Do you know Nokia? We used to use Nokia mobile phones but don’t even know this is one of the Finnish businesses. When we recently moved to Finland, we heard many people say that this is a boring country, people are boring, etc. Everything is about Finnish weather and how boring the people are. But we are not here to talk about how boring this country is, we are here, as we have been living in many other European and Asian countries before, talking about how Finland is always at the top of the most innovative country in the world (ranked by the World Intellectual Property Organization every year).

Finnish businesses

So what makes Finnish businesses and universities are amongst the best partners?

1. Start-up companies are well-supported in Finland

Finland provides all the needed support for new start-up companies as well as a motivating environment for them to scale up. The opportunity is provided fairly to everyone regardless of their residence status. Especially, foreign companies are warmly welcome to invest in Finland. Some organizations, such as Finnpartnership, even provided Business Support to those who plan to start a project in developing countries, such as Vietnam. 

2. Online procedure for all documents is a big applause

We find our trust when working with Finns. Everyone is trusted in you, so you are. Finns only say things that they can do or believe they can achieve. We have never had any unpleasant experiences when faced with documents here in Finland. From small to big Finnish businesses, from small to big projects, the process is within the estimated time, everything can be done online, etc. Other businesses, when thinking about opening their service in Finland, can complete almost every step online without expense a lot of fees before being able to start your business in Finland.

Finnish businesses
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3. Enjoying working is the secret of a happy life

Collaboration is the best way to discover the working culture and the capability of Finns. We have been living and working for over four weeks in several countries, such as Japan, Belgium, Sweden. And, we realize that Finnish people have close working culture as Japanese, however, they have their own way of working “happily”. This little secret also supports Finland to stay as one of the happiest countries globally for several years.

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