Which environmental news have been updated in Vietnam recently?

After two years of closing the border due to the pandemic, Vietnam has started making moves to the new normal life, which hopes to bring new opportunities and create new international collaboration projects between Vietnam and foreign countries. Moreover, with the new changes in environmental decrees and decisions, Vietnam organizations are actively connecting to international partners. Hence, which environmental news have been updated in Vietnam recently? Let’s check the short summaries below.

  1. The Decree 06/2022/ND-CP published on 7 January 2022 about Mitigated green house gasses and protect the Ozon.

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) will play the main role to implement the process to mitigate greenhouse gasses, including developing a roadmap of Vietnam’s national CO2 credits market for the period of 2022-2027:

  • Develop and update the list of sectors and establishments subject to greenhouse gas inventory (from 3,000 ton-CO2 per year).
  • Develop regulations for managing CO2 credits market and exchange green-house gasses to CO2 credits.
  • Encourage new projects applied technologies, manufaturing process, and service that produces less green house gasses than normal processes
  • Trial period for applying new regualations on calculating CO2 credits nationally and internationally (proposed 1 unit of green-house gasses equals 1 tons of CO2, which also equals to 1 CO2 credit).
  • From 2025, establish and soft-launch CO2 credits exchange program.
  • Organize training activities, sharing knowledge to support the development of CO2 credits market.
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam (MARD) collaborates with local authorities to develope strategies, collect data, sustainably protect, develop forests, and increase the forest cover ratio to absorb more green house gasses.

By 2028, Vietnam will officially launch the CO2 credits exchange program and start exchanging credits to foreign partners. MONRE is responsible for developing and managing the CO2 credits market. This ministry will provide guidelines and update information based on the national database to tackle climate change. Organizations, that would like to act as an Assessed unit for mitigating greenhouse gasses, have to register with and be verified by MONRE. The list of recognized organizations will be published and updated on the official website of MONRE.

2. The Decision 148/QD-TTg was published on 28 January 2022 about Promulgate monitoring and assessing systems for climate change adaptation activities nationally.

Within the same month, another decision has been issued for MONRE showing the concrete plan of Vietnam to tackle climate change.

  • MONRE is reponsible to draft a proposed regulation and national report on adapting climate change in Vietnam.
  • MONRE & MARD are working together to increase the ability of adapting to climate change on agriculture, forestry, aquaculture, environmental and biodiversity.
  • MONRE, MARD & Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) decides together about the quantity and scale of water exploration models, monitoring and water saving models.
  • Ministry of Construction (MOC) makes decision on urban infrastructure, avoid flood, and sustainable living conditions for citizens.
  • Project fundings for new projects are allocated from government funds, ODA loan and personal investments.

Moreover, this decision highlighted the importance of collaborating with foreign partners, organizations, research institutes and universities for sharing knowledge, policy learning and training to achieve sustainable development goals.

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Translated and summarised by Gemus Nordic Consulting team.

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