Skills that future water engineers may need – recommended by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thanh Son (HAU)

Figure 1. Yen Xa Wastewater Treatment Plant, Hanoi (estimated capacity 270,000 m3/day, accounts for 55% of total wastewater of Hanoi). Currently, wastewater of Hanoi is collected and discharged mainly to rivers running through the capital. The WWTP has been started to construct in 2016 by a group of national and international constructors. Which, 84% of the construction budget is from the ODA loan of Japan. The WWTP is planned to finish in 2022. (Source: Vietnam Finance newspaper)

Based on his presentation, Vietnam’s water treatment processes are growing and step by step, with the support from international organizations, the country is improving to fulfil the SDG6 goal. Despite the fact, recent graduate water and environmental engineers in Vietnam are still lack of necessary skills to stand out from the competition with other majors.

Therefore, as an educator and water expert, he highlighted some skills that water and environmental engineers in Vietnam will need:

  • Familiar with teamwork and being professional in communication skills. Entrepreneurship, on the other hand, is another option that future water engineers need to be prepared, familiar with, and considered.
  • Utilizing software, automatic techniques, etc. to support their career, especially in designing, planning, and managing water systems.
  • Being internalization means that they should be aware of new Best Available Technology (BAT) that may suitable for Vietnamese market and create sustainable impacts.

Read his presentation (VI, EN) here. Other presentations are available here.

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