New water laws and regulations are under development in Vietnam. Good opportunities for all water stakeholders to be involved.

Figure 1. Rivers network in Vietnam (Source: MONRE)

Ms. Truong Mai Hoa, representative of Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE), participated during the online discussion to provide detail information about water resources management of Vietnam and the responsibilities of different minitries in managing and using water resources.

Figure 2. Quality of surface water in big river basins in Vietnam during the period of 2016-2020 (Source: Presentation of MONRE at ICVF2022)

During her presentations, the missing responsibility of water stakeholders rose big concerns, which partly cause the attitudes of water users when using and discharging water from and back to water resources. More than ever, to adapte and mitigate climate change in Vietnam, the responsibilities and involvement of all stakehoders and supportive parties need to be more precisely and directly.

Figure 3. Water usage rate by sector in Vietnam. Agriculture accounted for 81% of water usage, Aquaculture took 11%
(Source: Presentation of MONRE during ICVF2022)

Ms. Hoa mentioned the existing problems in water sector in Vietnam focused mostly on the problems of highly skilled workers in the water sector in the next 20-30 years, and the responsibilities of each party in using and managing water resources.

For the next period of MONRE, Ms. Hoa highlighted some keynotes that national and international parties, who plans to start projects or collaborates with Vietnam, should be considered. She mentioned the important roles of international parties in supporting Vietnam to develop new regulations and homogenously responsibilities of all involved parties.

  • Change in the Water Law of Vietnam in 2023, include (i) water security, (ii) water socializism, (iii) financial in water sector, (iv) water resources protection and avoid impacts from water resources, and (v) modify other regulations such as water resources general planning, administration process, etc.
  • Issues five (05) licenses related to water resources issues, which are (i) groundwater exploration license, (ii) license to exploit and use groundwater, (iii) license to exploit and use seawater, (iv) license to exploit and use surface water, and (v) license to discharge wastewater to water resoures.
  • Developing Water Resources general and master plans in national, regions, and areas scale.
  • Master plan in water resouces general investigation (until 2030 with the prediction until 2050). Estimated budget: partly from Vietnamese authorites, partly from national and international investors.
  • Water resources inventory (2021-2025). Budget source: local budget.
  • Water security proposal (2022-2030, 2030-2045 and further). Estimated budget: partly from Vietnamese authorites, partly from national and international investors.

MONRE presentation is available (Vietnamese) here. Other presentation s are available here.

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