Is Santa Claus Village real? Or just imagination?

Surely each of us has grown up with lots of stories, as only an obedient child might receive gifts from Santa Claus on Christmas. And so do I! Then do you know where Santa Claus Village is?

When I was a child, I wrote tons of letters to Santa Claus telling him about the list of gifts I dreamed of and woke up early on the morning of December 25 to check if I received those. Day by day, I finally understood that Santa Clauses, who I always admired and waited for every Christmas, were my parents. So why do we have unlimited versions of Santa Claus?

Is Santa Claus Village an actual location? Or both it and Santa Claus are just products of the imagination that adults make up to teach their children?

The answer is yes. The official Santa Claus Village is in Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland. It is a popular tourist destination during the Christmas season. Here, you are free to immerse yourself in the Christmas atmosphere, take pictures with Santa Claus, ride in a reindeer sleigh or try husky sledding, or go hunting the aurora borealis. I have only seen those activities in movies.
Santa Claus Village

Let’s take a closer look at the activities you can do in this village:

1. Visit Santa Claus office:

Santa Claus’s office is in a tall tower, which is in the middle of Santa Claus Village. You can explore a toy factory where Santa Claus creates gifts for children around the world. And there will be a magical room where you can come in and have a 5-minute talk with Santa Claus. The children, normally, will share with him what they want on Christmas Eve.

2. Santa Claus Official Post Office

Santa Claus Official Post Office is the same as the normal post office, so, send your letter or postcard with Santa Claus Arctic Circle’s unique stamp to your beloved. You can choose between buying a sample letter (if you don’t know what to write) or writing yours there. Amazingly, this post office has received letters from over 190 countries, which are mostly written by children.

3. Riding in a reindeer sleigh

This is a must-do thing in Santa Claus Village. You can rent a reindeer sleigh on the reindeer farm. They will ride around the Village and Rovaniemi. Those reindeer are super cute and friendly. We highly recommend you to come to Santa Claus Village in summer or in spring because this ride is not available in summer. However, you can choose a summer safari instead.

Ride a Reindeer Sleigh
Cre: Santa Clause Village Official Website

4. Meeting and trying husky sledding

Husky is not only an indoor dog but also an outdoor dog, and Siberian Husky is a well-known sled dog breed. In there, you can come to husky’s farm, play, and cuddle them or choose to trek and experience husky sledding. No worries, they enjoy this! This is a remarkable activity you might experience in Santa Claus Village.

husky sledding
Cre: Santa Clause Village Official Website

5. Riding a snowmobile

If you are a tough person and interested in riding a snowmobile, you must come to Arctic Circle Snowmobile Park. In there, you can spend 30 minutes, or even a day, learning to ride a snowmobile. Obviously, after being an expert, you might ride around Lapland and discover the amazing landscape.

Cre: Santa Clause Village Official Website

6. Crossing the Arctic Circle

The Arctic Circle runs through Santa Claus Village, which is clearly marked by a line in the Village. As a popular destination, most visitors come here just to cross the Arctic Circle of the Earth. More excitedly, you also get a completion certificate for this activity.

7. Seeing and taking pictures with Northern Lights

Northern Lights, which is also called Aurora Borealis, is a signature activity of Santa Claus Village. Therefore, most people come here to hunt for this phenomenon, and the best timing is from August to April. It normally appears from 10 pm to 2 am and lasts for a few minutes. Luckily enough, you might see a full sky covered by Northern Lights, which is quite rare and totally depends on the weather.

Northern Lights
Cre: Santa Clause Village Official Website

8. Staying at the hotel and enjoying hot chocolate

Cold weather is perfect for being lazy and chilling with hot chocolate. There’s a real heater in the hotel so you just need to sit there and relax after a long day. I would say I enjoyed this heater a lot since it was both physically and mentally warm.

Santa Claus Village
Above all great! Santa Claus Village operates 365 days, especially during the Christmas season. This is more than just a great place to visit in Finland since it is also the place where small businesses are best facilitated to develop and reach customers.

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