Hai Phong Public Construction Company (HAPUCO)

Figure 1. Location of the research area (source: HAPUCO)

HAPUCO presented two plans for (i) Constructing a new WWTP and renovating the sewage system for the Southern area of Hai Phong City, (ii) Renovating the Ngoc Son detention basin (area 1,08 ha) and the tide lock; constructing the Xom Day pumping station for Ngoc Son Ward.

HAPUCO manages the sewage system of Kien An District, which is located about 10km to the South of Haiphong City centre. The total area is 29,6 km2 and the total population is 118,047 (data from 2019). This district is being impacted directly by climate change, specifically the seawater level rising.

The sewage system in Kien An District is a centralized drainage network. Wastewater and rainwater are collected from households, industrial zone, etc. and discharged directly to open channels, then to the Lach Tray river, and to the sea without treatments. At the moment, there is only one WWTP for the craft village (capability of 1,500 m3/day), however, the WWTP has not yet been operated.

They are looking for Finnish partners to collaborate together with suitable and sustainable solutions.

Starting period: 2022-2024. No financial budget is provided.

Read their presentation (VI) here. Other presentations are available here.

Would you like to collaborate with HAPUCO on these new projects? Contact us via contact@gemusnordic.com with the title “Collaborating request with HAPUCO”.