1-1 Consulting session

Understand your abilities

Our motivations

When we first arrived to Finland to study as non-EU students, we never pictured ourselves as entrepreneurs. We stayed in our safe zone until the real scenario hit us hard, despite the fact that we were studying in entrepreneurial contexts. Being an entrepreneur is a different experience than working as an employee in an office or remotely. As a result, we've decided to provide a one-on-one consulting service this summer.

The 1-1 Consulting service is aimed towards recent or soon-to-be-graduated students in Finland, particularly non-EU students who are unsure about their next steps. We provide two consulting options for you:

Path 1

Entrepreneur journey

In this path, our advisors will explore your entrepreneurial mindset and guide you to achieve your start-up plan. The session package includes 5 small sessions. During each session, we target on specific topics that need for you to start the business in Finland, especially as non-EU students. Here is the journey for you:

  • Session 1 (Free – 30 mins): You will meet our advisor and get to know each other. By this way, our advisors can guide you to the path they believe you can work out the best.
  • Session 2 (1 hour): Business idea and model to be built up together.
  • Session 3 (1 hour): Which types of business that suit your business ideas. Financial preparation for your journey.
  • Session 4 (1 hour): How can you win the market? 
  • Session 5 (1 hour): Understand all legal issues that you may need to consider.
  • Session 6 (1 hour): Well done! Let’s set up your business.
  • Extra session (per request): Physical and Mental support for an Entrepreneur journey.

Path 2

Land your dream job

It’s difficult to persuade yourself to become an entrepreneur, and you’d rather stay put? It’s also perfectly fine. We also provide a session package for those who are looking for their ideal employment. This session package contains five primary mini sessions through which you will be able to win the game.

  • Session 1 (Free – 30 mins): You will meet our advisor and get to know each other. By this way, our advisors can guide you to the path they believe you can work out the best.
  • Session 2 (1 hour): Self-understanding to define your strategy. 
  • Session 3 (1 hour): How can you target the job market?
  • Session 4 (1 hour): Prepare for your pitch as an entrepreneur. 
  • Session 5 (1 hour): Preparing your Résumé and Portfolio. How to win the interview? 
  • Extra session (per request): Physical and mental support for a “looking for job” journey. 

Pricing plan

Only applied for students and recently graduated (less than 1.5 years).
Apply for the period Jun 6 - Jul 31.2022, VAT included

Path 1. Entrepreneur journey

  • Single session: 30€
  • Extra session: 50€
  • Session package: 190€ (to be paid at the beginning of  the session). 

Path 2. Land your dream job

  • Single session: 60€
  • Extra session: 50€
  • Session package: 280€ (to be paid at the beginning of  the session). 

Other cases, kindly contact us via e-mail contact@gemusnordic.com for further inquiries.

Our advisors

Ha Nguyen

Business Owner of Gemus Nordic Consulting. Ha started her study in MSc. Water and Environmental Engineering at Aalto University in 2016. Before that, she studied her BEng in Water Supply and Drainage in Vietnam. Came to Finland without any connections and working experiences, Ha thought her journey with Finland will not last for more than two years. However, things changed so quick. 

After working as Research Assistant at Aalto University, Environmental Engineer at Toyota Motor Europe, she graduated and struggled to land a job. Regardless how hard she has tried with uncountable support, she landed a light entrepreneur position as a Business Development in educational sector, the position that she had never thought about before. About 1,5 years with that job, Ha was inspired to start her own business and this is how Gemus Nordic Consulting started.

More than anyone, she understand the struggles of non-EU students starting a non-physical business in Finland. The business is receiving Starttiraha by ELY-keskus and she was able to turn her Job seeking permit to an entrepreneur permit after 4 months sending her renew permit request.  

Ha will be a main advisor for Path 1 of this program. 

Hai-Sa Le

Sa has 14-year expertise in Marketing & Communications for both clients and agencies. She made significant contributions and achievements for MNCs such as PepsiCo, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, Bridgestone, NGOs/NPOs, and others. She has also worked as a career coach and counselor for students for the past five years.

Sa graduated from Solvay Brussels School with a Master of Marketing & Communications and is a Certified Career Coach. She knows how to chart a career path based on a person’s unique features and hobbies. She also has a way for developing a clear career strategy. She understands the difficulties that young people face when they first enter the workforce, particularly how to strike a work-life balance with mindfulness method.

She is the program’s key advisor for Path 2.